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We have designed several subscription plans in order to meet your needs.

All prices are VAT excluded.

Extra Services

Obviously our services are not limited only to subscriptions, in fact to offer more choice and flexibility in the way your project is developed we give the possibility to integrate a series of extra services to the chosen subscription plan.


If you want to know the costs of carrying out your project, ask for a quote without any commitment!


Does your subscription not include the integration of Artificial Intelligence algorithms? No problem! 

Extra hours

The monthly hours of your subscription are not enough or do you need more guaranteed working hours just for a month? You can add as many as you want and when you want!

Guaranteed Delivery

If your project has to be completed in a pre-established time, we offer the "Guaranteed Delivery" service to ensure that you have an excellent quality software within the time frame you set!


We offer the possibility to carry out a preliminary analysis from which the strengths of your project will emerge!

Work on site

When necessary, you can request a meeting at the location you prefer. We can go anywhere, after all.. we are Vikings!

Platinum Service

For the most demanding customers, we have studied a Platinum subscription, in which it will be possible to choose the services to be included to create a tailor-made plan together!


We answer the most frequently asked questions we are asked.


By subscribing to a subscription with us you ensure a development team that works for you for the duration of your subscription with the conditions you have chosen, having no restrictions on the project taken in charge. This means that if the project initially taken over should for any reason no longer be of interest to you, you can easily change the project on which we will work without incurring annoying penalties. In addition, the payment of a monthly subscription is less burdensome than the payment of a single invoice.

Can I change my subscription after starting one?

Your plan upgrade can be done at any time. For the downgrade, we reserve the right to evaluate the individual case.

How does the Platinum service work?

The Platinum service is specifically designed for the customer. All the details will be chosen and evaluated during the project analysis phase. 

How can I be sure that you will guarantee the delivery of each step, within the agreed times?

The system is designed and tailored to the customer. At the beginning of the project, during the analysis phase, the development times will be established. They may have a maximum margin of error of one month, at the end of which, each payment will be suspended until the set objectives are reached! In this way the customer will have the guarantee of not having surprises and of having the product ready in the pre-established times!

Can I suspend my subscription?

You can decide to suspend your subscription for a maximum of 3 months. At the end of which, it will restart with the payment of the subscription, or you can proceed with the cancellation of the same.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. If the chosen subscription is the annual one, a penalty equal to 2 months (of the same type of the chosen plan) will be applied. If the subscription type was monthly, no penalty will be applied.

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